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The Walking Man (level 1) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Richard Brown   
Monday, 17 April 2006

Karl Bushby is from Hull, EnglandKarl Bushby is from Yorkshire, in the north of England. He is 36, and he likes walking. He likes walking very much.

He is walking round the world- from South America to England. No cars, buses, planes, boats or even bicycles- just walking for 58,000 kilometres across 25 countries, 6 mountains, 5 deserts, 4 continents and one sea.

Across the Bering StraitsOne sea? Yes- the Bering Straits, between Alaska and Siberia. In winter, the Bering Straits are frozen, and it is possible to cross the sea on foot. It is possible, but very difficult: 95 kilometres of dangerous ice, from America to Siberia.

54,000 km: 24 countries, 6 mountains, 5 deserts, 4 continents, and 1 sea

Quotation 54,000 km: 24 countries, 6 mountains, 5 deserts, 4 continents, and 1 sea Quotation

The ice is dangerous: sometimes it is very thin and it breaks, sometimes it creates an iceberg, and sometimes you can walk on it. There are no roads and no maps, and every year the ice is different. Not even the polar bears cross from one side to the other.

The direct route across is 95 kilometres. Karl walked across, moving slowly and carefully: 224 kilometres, 12 days and nights. From America to Siberia.

Karl Bushby isn't walking today. He is resting, and studying Russian. He isn't resting because he is tired- He isn't walking today

Quotation He isn't walking today Quotation

he is resting because he is studying Russian. He is studying Russian because he is in Siberia - without official permission! He can't walk because he must talk to the Russian authorities. He must explain why he is in Russia without permission.

Last Updated ( Monday, 17 April 2006 )
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